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We are now offering a new program called Fit by Design from designs for health. This full-sequence DNA test analyzes 3 particular genes that pertain to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This test is tailored specifically to you, it isn't just a broad outline. The test will provide you with information regarding how you should eat, exercise and what supplements you should take.

The Fit by Design program is not designed to test for any genetic issues, but is specifically focused on fitness, optimal body composition, and successful weight loss. This test is to be used to help guide fitness and weight loss programs based on specific individual genetic information for optimal results. This test is very different than the typical consumer genetic testing kits. The consumer genetic kits only test a certain part of the genome whereas Fit by Design employs full gene sequencing, a patent-pending technology that goes multiple steps beyond that of the consumer tests. Fit by Design boasts a 100% accuracy rate with their full sequence genetic testing.

As Fit by Design states on their website, "In the book Outsmart Your Genes, Dr. Brandon Colby compares the three types of testing available now as if the genome were a movie:        

  • Sequencing a gene is like looking at one complete scene.
  • A set of SNPs is like looking at many individual frames of key moments in the story, but without context.
  • Sequencing the whole genome is like watching the movie from end to end. It includes all the information from the other two techniques (all the scenes and all the frames, in context)."

There is a one-time fee associated with this test as it is not covered by insurance. Although, remember the results will NOT change. So you can utilize these results for the rest of your life.

For more information, please visit their website by clicking the picture below.


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